Trip Coach: One-on-One Guide to World Travel

What is Trip Coach?
We’re Mike and Anne Howard, seasoned travelers that will teach you everything you need to know to take a long-term trip–anywhere in the world and on any budget. Using the knowledge and experience we’ve gained during our 675 consecutive days traveling around the world and our one-on-one training sessions, we will impart our best tips to planning your trip and making life on the road as smooth, safe, affordable and epic as humanly possible.

What can Trip Coach teach me?
Our the tested and approved tips on budgeting, packing, transportation, lodging, health, border-crossings, technology, photography, itineraries and so much more.

How to…

  • Save over $5,000 on flights
  • Get free lodging in nearly every major city in the world
  • Pack the perfect combination of gear, tech and clothes
  • Turn your smart phone into a travel ninja (best apps for GPS, finance, currency, language translators and more)
  • Avoid buying bottled water, saving approximately $1,000 per year (without using those gross iodine tabs)
  • Line up the right credit cards and bank accounts to save over $2,000 per year in fees
  • Get off the “Lonely Planet Track” and experience the most awe-inspiring places on the planet

How much does it cost to take a long-term trip?
This is different for every traveler, and depends on your comfort needs, speed of travel and what regions of the world you wish to see. If you follow our tips and tricks you will be able to travel the world for under $50 per day. So…add up your bank accounts and divide that sum by $50 and that’s how many days you can travel around the world. If you have $5,000 saved up you can start out with a 100-150 day journey throughout Asia (where you’re daily budget will be well below $50pppd), if you have $10,000 you can travel for around 200 days and add in Africa or South America!

How does Trip Coach work?
There are three levels of Trip Coach service, all of which offer one-on-one sessions where we address your travel questions and give you the best advice possible. As the levels go up, we cover more topics in greater detail and cater more to your specific trip, plus we offer on-going support throughout your planning process.

Level *Free*: Curiosity Calls
Dreaming about a trip around the world? Want to talk with someone who’s completed a two-year RTW for less than $40/day/person? Have questions about how our Trip Coach courses are structured? If you’re serious about starting your own journey, give us a call any day of the week from 9am-9pm EST at 888-852-9383 (or) chat with us using the widget to the right!
10 Minute Phone Call
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Level 1: Traveler Q&A Skype Session
Ask us anything about our long-term travels and we’ll answer your trip questions to steer your planning in the right direction to save you money and get the most out of your journey.
1 hour Skype session
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Level 2: Long-Term Travel Power Course
Using the information you give us about your trip, personal interests, and budget with our questionnaire, we’ll tailor our Trip Coach session to give you the most relevant and essential information to mobilize a smooth and affordable journey.
3-hour Skype session, 1 hour email support, and our Trip Coach handbook
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Level 3: Long-Term Travel Master Course
This multi-session program gives you absolutely everything you would need to know about long-term travel at every step of your trip planning and an on-going support system for whenever issues arise at home or on the road.
5 hours of Skype or in-person sessions (over two sessions), 1 hour phone support, 1 hour email support,
and a customized Trip Coach handbook

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LEVEL FREE: Curiosity Calls
Have questions about our Trip Coach courses? Any travel questions all? If you are thinking about starting your own journey, give us a call any day of the week from 9am-9pm EST at (888) 852-9383 or chat with us in the window to the right…we are offering a FREE 10-minute consultation!

Why should I pay for a Trip Coach?
Reason #1: Our tips will save you at least 5x the total cost of our in-person sessions. Guaranteed!
Reason #2 (the most important reason): We will teach you how to become a savvy, safe, frugal, adventurous and independent traveler that’s ready for anything. Our training will build your confidence to get off the tourist track, arrive in any town in the world without a room reservation, travel via local transportation, eat street food…and elevate your trip from just connecting a string of beautiful sights into a mind-expanding and life-changing journey.

Who needs a Trip Coach?

  • Someone who realizes that a two-week vacation once a year is a crime against humanity.
  • Someone who thinks that waiting until you’re 65 years old to hike glaciers, take up surfing, and party at Rio’s Carnival seems a little late.
  • Someone who has a job, maybe a house, and real responsibilities but can’t quiet figure out how to put them on hold.
  • Someone who has read travel blogs and guide books but realizes the value of sitting down and talking to someone who can directly and specifically answer the questions you want to know.
  • Someone who believes life is short…it’s time to get after it!


1-johG-001“Mike and Anne’s input was invaluable and gave me some much needed confidence in areas I was concerned about. If you ever decide to take such a trip, contact them!”

–John G, HoneyTrek Trip Coach graduate


Hai-Phung Trip Coach Client“I met Mike and Anne at a really pivotal juncture in my life. I had made the decision to quit my job and move from NYC to take a career break a few months prior, but was experiencing a lot of doubt and anxiety around the decision and how to make it all really happen. A friend posted about a meet-up, where Mike & Anne were guest speaking about their 2+ year honeymoon, and I was strongly called to attend and hear their story. I’m so glad I did! Not only did they quell my doubtful thoughts, but they presented a very clear pathway of how it all can materialize. I signed up for their course on long term travel a few days later. The session was packed full of great information related to planning, budgeting, tips and tricks, and tons of resources that I am still culling through. The information gained from that session I will reference for my own career break over the next 6-12 months, and anytime I travel. I met them at the perfect time in my journey. I strongly recommend anyone who is entertaining the idea of a career break or long term travel (or even a short trip could be made more meaningful with their advice) to connect with Mike and Anne – it will change your life forever!”

–Hai Phung, HoneyTrek Trip Coach graduate


matt-jackie“Getting on the phone with Anne and Mike and talking through what we were looking for in a honeymoon…that helped me define our approach to the entire trip! From their hotel and activity recommendations to mileage tips, they have experienced it all first-hand so having their input is very valuable.”

–Matt D, HoneyTrek (Honeymoon) Trip Coach graduate


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