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We’re Mike & Anne Howard, two American newlyweds who thought a ten-day honeymoon wasn’t nearly enough to celebrate a new life together. With a little bit of savings, no kids, and good health, we figured there was no better time to travel than now. So we quit our jobs, rented our apartment, and set out on a 675-day honeymoon around the world. Using Anne’s background as a magazine editor and Mike’s as a digital media strategist and photographer, we started HoneyTrek.com to share our journey of love, life, and adventure.

Our Route: 6 continents, 33 countries, 302 places

Our travel philosophy has always been to go places too far to visit while we have jobs and too rugged to do when we’re old. Don’t try to see everything. Move quickly but thoroughly. Have a plan to guide us, but don’t let an itinerary bog us down.

HoneyTrek Trip around the world
South America:Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru
Africa: South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya
Asia: Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
Europe: Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, Norway, Turkey


Sometimes other people say it better. Check out our HoneyTrek features and interviews on Condé Nast Traveler, Mail Online, The Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets in our Press section.


- Huge love to Honeymoons.com for helping us experience and share some of the world’s most honeymoon-worthy accommodations
- SteriPEN water purifier for allowing us to not crack the seal on a single plastic bottle of water in the last 21 months of our trip
- Our web hosting company BlueHost for keeping HoneyTrek.com up and running

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We’ve decided to take all we’ve learned from our two years on the road and launch HoneyTrek Trip Coach, an in-person guide to long-term travel. We hope to help more people take this life-changing leap and explore this beautiful planet. If you’ve ever dreamt of experiencing the world’s wonders, watch our video below and check out HoneyTrek.com/TripCoach for more info.

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  • http://wanderlustness.blogspot.com/ Nessie Watson

    awesome! cant wait to read all about your travels!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com Mike Howard

      Thanks so much Nessie, we are so glad to have you along for the journey :)

  • http://twitter.com/SamKynmanCole Sam Kynman-Cole

    This is a great travel philosophy, I’m sure you’ll get the most of the places you visit with the above as your guiding principle.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com Mike

      Thanks for the love Sam. We try to keep an open mind, and always be on the look out for ways we can help others. All while seeing ridiculous sites and eating some tasty grub :)

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Thanks for the love Sam. We try to keep an open mind, and always be on the look out for ways we can help others. All while seeing ridiculous sites and eating some tasty grub 

  • http://www.1000fights.com 1000 Fights

    Hey you two!  You guys were a runner up for our Mistletoe Moment contest.  congrats!  

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      That is SO AWESOME. You guys rock. Thanks for holding such a cool contest. We love your site, so fun. hahah.

  • Tiffany Norte

    I love the idea for your trip!  Congratulations on getting married and good luck on your journey!

    • http://Twitter.com/SocialMPH Mike Howard

      Thanks for the love Tiffany. 2 weeks till lift off….EEEEKKKKK

  • http://twitter.com/WeddingsnTravel Stirling Weddings

    I love what you’re doing here. Enjoy the ride! This journey will go down in your history books as the best decision ever. “Time will enrich your lives shared together”

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      thanks so much @twitter-256591165:disqus we are still feeling the love after 362 days on the road. thanks for following along!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1073199775 Eddie Speir

    Just got back home.  Tal and I really enjoyed getting to know you guys over the 4 day trek to Machu Picchu.  Looking forward to seeing some of your pics. BTW, I am starting a Prehistoric Bocce Ball League here in Florida and would love if you could come down to throw the ceremonial first rock of the season :)  Wish you guys the best and thanks for hanging out with us. It greatly enriched our experience.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      wow, must have missed this when you posted first, sorry about that Eddie. Yeah we had a blast with you and Tal as well. What a great trek. Pics are live, have a look –
      http://honeytrek.com/trekking-to-machu-picchu/ – Regarding that PBBLeague, i would love to come down and throw the commemorative stone….just watch those guys can get a serious roll and take out a shin bone! ps. We would love if you and Tal would each leave a comment on the MP post :)

  • Jim Platts

    Enjoyed your article on Death Road. Had watched a TV travel program on it a couple of years ago when busses were the travel vehicle. Glad to see it transformed to a bike path. I love articles about bike travel. Have you seen Tim and Cindi Travis’s book on biking through S. America?

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Jim, thanks so much for leaving a comment, did you hear about us through Anne’s article on the Death Road on Huffington Post? If so, you should check out our post here (
      http://honeytrek.com/la-paz-via-the-death-road/ ), the images and text line up much better than the HP version. We haven’t seen Tim & Cindi’s book, do you know if they have a blog we could check out? Sounds fantastic biking through SA!

      • Jim Platts


        Thanks for your reply. Yes it was the Huff Post article. Here’s a link to Tim and Cindie Travis’s website. http://www.downtheroad.org/

        Their book Down the Road about their biking in SA including Bolivia I think you’d enjoy. Their goal is to keep traveling like this around the World. Sounds like you are doing something similar.

        Enjoyed your Brazilian travel photos and discussion. I was in the Peace Corps in Brazil and am married to a Brazilian who loves Carnaval. We were in the Amazon region in March 09 and your photos reminded me of our piranha fishing.

        I’m curious if you had any problems with being robber or attacked. The Brazilian news is full of assaults.

        The Brazilian news had a report of a British couple who cycled circumnavigating SA starting and ending in Rio. Here’s a Utube link about their trip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob09C6bgzO8


        • http://Facebook.com/HoneyTrek Mike Howard

          wow, travelling India by bike is also ambitious! he is on quite the adventure! and that youtube video about cycling before the olympics was pretty cool too. thanks so much for sharing the links and coming back to leave a second comment, you rock!

  • Nan Bilge

    Hi Anne and Mike
    We’ll miss you on Xmas Eve.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!!
    Nan Omer and Kerem

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      thanks Nan, for the well wishes, holiday cheer, and for taking the time to leave us a comment….its great to know family and friends are so close, even when they are physically 8,751 miles away.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Bilge family! So happy see you are with us on our adventures; thanks so much for following along! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too!

  • Shakuntala

    A Very, Very happy New year with many, many more adventures, lots fun and love. .
    Missed you enormously at Xmas.
    I always enjoy reading your adventures and in many ways, feel like I am traveling with you.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Christmas was not the same without you! Thanks for your love and support, Shakuntala ; ) And happy happy new year!

  • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

    debbie, i tried to hit your site, but it was “overloaded”. with regards to those two people that is so cool. do you remember anything about the people you met in Jordan, were they from the states? yeah Erik Leo is a good buddy of mine from Carnegie Mellon.

    with regards to your blog shoot me any questions you have, and i will do my best to answer them MikeAnne@HoneyTrek.com – looking forward to sharing our travels and reading yours as well :)

    • Bernie

      Haha! Such a crazy small world indeed. The comment above totally jogged my memory. Mike, we met Deb on the patio overlooking the Dead Sea in Jordan. She mentioned she was traveling around the world on her own, and that’s when I plugged honeytrek.com :)

      Helen, myself and our new crew of American, Canadian and Irish friends were all touring around Jordan for the wedding of one of my brother’s Lehigh buddies.

      • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

        Wow Bernie, seriously it is a small world…and how the heck did you come across this random comment on our About Us page? I was thinking there was a snowballs chance in hell of finding out who are my “American Friends in Jordan”. How was Jordan? We were thinking about adding that on to the end of the HoneyTrek :)

        • Bernie

          Yeah…pure luck I came across the random comment on the About Us page :)

          Jordan was awesome! We loved it. I would recommend checking out the following: Petra, Aqaba, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and of course Amman City. If you are interested in seeing Roman Ruins, Jerash is very interesting too!

  • Pat and Ian

    Hey guys, nice meeting you this morning at the fish house! Safe travels, Pat and Ian

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Pat & Ian…it was great meeting you guys as well….those fish were unreal right? and to think that we eat so much of that fish in north america, it really blew our mind (and continues to). are you guys still on the road? or back home now.

  • http://twitter.com/Turtlestravel Turtlestravel

    Your travel philosophy is so much like our own! We’re between tjourneys now, trying to replenish the bank account for the next extended trip and scheming for a way to stop having to stop traveling at all! Glad we came upon your site. Safe travels!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      So cool…yeah it seems to be a solid philosophy (and one a bunch of other great travelers follow). so great to connect up with you guys….are we Facebook fans of you yet? what is your URL over there?

  • http://twitter.com/capitalcooking Lauren DeSantis

    I’d love to chat with you guys to do an interview about you for my blog. Can you shoot me an email? lauren@capitalcookingshow.com

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      email has been sent! looking forward to it Lauren

      • http://twitter.com/capitalcooking Lauren DeSantis


  • annieb

    hi guys! been enjoyng your blogs…have a proposition for you! is there a way to contact you in PM? Happy Travels :-)

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Well thanks so much Annie for reading our blog, and saying hello. We would love to hear your proposition, shoot us an email at MikeAnne@HoneyTrek.com

  • Wodara

    Adorable! Can’t wait to share your story!!!

  • Zara Whitaker

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  • sunil

    Why you did not visit India ?

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      We didn’t go on this trip but and both spent a month in India a few years back and loved it!

      • Zinan

        Why didn’t you choose wonder land Sri Lanka????

        • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

          we TOTALLY wanted to visit Sri Lanka Zinan, but we just didn’t have the time….are you from there? When we DO go there, which we WILL….where should we go?

  • Vinod

    You guys are doing a wonderful job here as sharing these information….. I would suggest you to visit Incredible INDIA only once. It will be a unforgettable experience for you guys…. I hope you will visit soon…..

  • കൃഷ്ണാസുരൻ

    Hi friends, it was nice to read your notes..and I have one question that why did you avoid India??

  • Satheesh kumar p p

    Hi Mike & Ann
    Its nice to read about your trip and challenges you took. Why don’t you visit India especialy Kerala.

  • Piyush

    Hey you guys are on the news in India too. Yes one of the top news site NDTV have an article on you…:)


    • http://Facebook.com/HoneyTrek Mike Howard

      Wow! Thanks so much for letting us know!

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